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READYSET ATLANTA is a strategic and fast paced team of highly skilled Fabricators and Artists providing custom or pre-built sets. Our 12,000 square foot shop paired with our experienced crew allows us the opportunity to expertly execute a myriad of unique designs and projects. Our clients can rely on us to provide custom designs for any venture, from studio photography sets, events, retail and showroom displays, trade show booths, video and film scenery, gallery builds, pop-up locations and runways.

Originating from ReadySet Inc. in New York City, an industry leader since 1997, we embody the passion and commitment necessary to meet our client's unique needs. We relish the opportunity to exceed our client's expectations and our team finds challenges rewarding. Our diverse crew offers a wide range of skills and they are always open to working with new ideas, materials or methods to further our skill set and deliver. The exceptional quality of our work is a reflection of our emphasis on teamwork and our commitment to our culture.

With an emphasis on pre-building and finishing sets, our team is able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise ahead of time, saving valuable time during delivery. We provide 3D production drawings to our clients to confirm every detail and also provide samples of finishes needed. As the project develops, we provide constant communication with clients to ensure the project encapsulates their vision. Our clients are encouraged to inspect their jobs in our shop to get a hands on feel of the scale and specific scenic elements.

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Cutting edge design techniques help create the foundation to your vision

* 3D Rendering
* Samples
*Color Imaging
Quick turnaround without sacrificing on quality with our experienced, fast and efficient fabricators.

* Modular
* Plug and Play Builds
* Scenic Finishes
Making sets ready to go when you are with reliable delivery.

* Efficient Delivery
* Pickup Available
* On-set Labor and Supervision
Next Level Set Building
Take your next project to new heights with Readyset Atlanta as your premier Set Fabricators
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